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Release Date: December 2, 2017

First ever live album by Subrosa after 5 studio albums on labels such as Profound Lore and I Hate Records. Recorded at Roadburn Festival 2017 at the Het Patronaat. "Subdued" versions of songs from 2005-present. Digipack CD layout design and artwork by Sarah Pendleton, photos by Paul Verhagan (Achrome Moments,

Copyright 2017, Roadburn Records and Ignis Fatuus Records,,

Track listing:
1. Whippoorwill 06:44 2. Borrowed Time Borrowed Eyes 06:44 3. Sugar Creek 05:00 4. The Inheritance 07:41 5. Cosey Mo 07:58 6. The Mirror 04:43 7. No Safe Harbor 14:00

Vinyl version to follow.

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